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About Us

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How do you differ from your competitors?

Viola Essential Oils markets only the highest quality, 100% therapeutic grade, essential oils directly to our customers from our warehouse. The oils we offer are pure with no fillers, no additives, no dilution.

Each batch of Viola oils are quality checked through a Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry, (GC/MS) test. This test takes the molecules of each oil and identifies, separates, and quantifies them to guarantee 100% pure therapeutic grade oil. The purest essential oils in the marketplace with no fillers or additives. Simply put, if the oils do not pass the test, they do not go into the bottle.

Unlike many other essential oil companies, we are not involved in Multi- Level Marketing (MLM). The MLM system puts dollars on each and every bottle of oil purchased, through a “middle man” process and we find this unfair to our customers. We believe in getting our product directly into the hands of our clients without the need of a “middle man”. This enables us to directly offer the public, oils of the same or better quality than our competitors.

Why did you found this company?

Essential oils are great to use and have so many benefits, yet so many people that like or who would otherwise be interested in essential oils don’t incorporate them into their daily living because they are too expensive. By offering the highest quality essential oil at an affordable price, Viola Essentials opens the market where people can use more of their product because we are cost effective.

We found ourselves frustrated with the high cost of these precious oils. Knowing the incredible benefits they obtain for people, families, and well- being. When incorporated correctly, they sustain healthy lifestyles. With all of the ludicrous false hype, found through network marketing, we were fed up. We found it unfair, especially to the one purchasing the essential oils at the bottom level. We set out to make the same product, as found with big retailers, readily available to all… affordably.

After years of researching and sourcing essential oils we discovered the cost to be so expensive because of those using multi-level marketing tactics. Viola Essentials found a better way. We believe in offering—firsthand—a high quality 100% therapeutic grade essential oil at a believably minuscule cost. There is no need to destroy ones bank account in seeking overall wellness.

Do you have a mission statement?

We seek to educate, assist and help others to improve their own health and wellness both in themselves and in their surroundings. To help others, interested in essential oils, take charge of their health, create a higher quality of living and to carry that information to others who seek change. All at a price they can afford.

The benefits found in essential oils have changed our lives and we hope to help others create healthy communities. From our disinfecting attributes, to insomnia, for aromatherapy to ease anxiety, stress, to help with indigestion, to having a lemon scent on your freshly mopped floor, Viola Essentials knows how to get you started. Comfortably, easily and in hopes to empower you.

Who is your ideal customer?

Our ideal customer consists of anyone and everyone that values health and is looking for a natural way of maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. We help the average everyday person who wants to take care of their health and maintain a positive lifestyle.

Viola Essentials does not recommend essential oils as a replacement for medicine, but rather a simple, natural way to keep ourselves healthy and enhance our health with alternative products. By natural means.

What does that ideal customer want or struggle with?

Our ideal customer wants to be educated. To improve their health naturally without harmful effects of pharmaceuticals and to avoid mainstream medicine. However, they struggle with their lack of knowledge regarding the “how-to” of essential oils. What works with what element, how to use the oils, whether it be aromatherapy, topical or ingestion. We educate our customers on how to use these precious oils, therefore empowering people to better their lifestyles and environment.

How does your company help that person get what they need or want/overcome a problem?

By educating our clients, our oils are used; aromatically, topically and internally. We educate on the correct process of usages of Viola oils. What works best for what ailment and how to use it correctly. Whether you’re diffusing the oils, taking internally or cleaning with them, we will help you achieve your desired outcome.

Do you have corporate values your customer might share/identify with?

Saving others money by offering a quality oil at a direct price. Quality oil at a fraction of cost without compromising on quality.

Do you have experts/certifications, etc. that might lend credibility?

We have spent years of research, sourcing the highest quality essential oils around the globe.

Do you have a rough version of the story, you’d like to tell, in mind?

When we formed Viola Essentials, we saw that people pay skyrocket prices for these same essential oils we offer. We have quality oils at a fraction of the price. We want everyone to have access to our oils, to be able to use them as much as they would desire without feeling guilty because it cost them so much money. To see increased overall wellness and to assist them in taking care of their loved ones, all the while feeling great about our price. It’s simple.

Does your company have a primary goal or objective?

Our primary goal and objective is to empower others to make the lifestyle changes they desire through essential oils. To educate everyone about the benefits of essential oils. To empower people to take care of their overall wellness, take charge of their health, to feel good about the product they are using and stand firm in the fact that they are pure unadulterated oils. To give back what we have been given.